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Notarized your Aposilled Documents

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Apostille Authentication offers public notary services to individuals looking to verify their documents with ease, accuracy, and convenience. We have a team of public notaries who are experienced and professional and can guide you with all notarization queries.

What is Notary Public Service?

Notary services play a vital role in ensuring the authenticity and legality of documents, transactions, and agreements. A notary, also known as a notary public, is a certified professional appointed by the government to serve as a witness when important documents are signed. Their primary function is to deter fraud by verifying the identity of the document signers, ensuring they are aware of the contents of the documents, and confirming their willingness to sign without any coercion.

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Welcome to Apostille Authentication, your premier destination for reliable and efficient notary services. We understand the importance of secure and certified document notarization, and we are here to simplify the process for you. With a team of highly skilled and certified professionals, we offer a range of services designed to meet your notary needs with precision and excellence.

What Involve in Notary Service?

It’s an approach that brings together the best of financial planning and the best of investment management.

Verifying Identities:

Notaries are responsible for confirming the identities of the individuals involved in a document. They do this by checking government-issued IDs, passports, or other forms of identification. This step ensures that the right person is signing the document.

Confirming Willingness to Sign:

Notaries ensure that all parties signing the document are doing so willingly and are not under any duress. They might ask a few questions to ensure that the signers understand the implications of the document.

Preventing Fraud:

By carefully examining the document, notaries help prevent fraudulent activities. They make sure there are no blank spaces left on the document after it’s signed, ensuring that nothing can be added without the knowledge of the signers.

Administering Oaths and Affirmations:

Notaries have the authority to administer oaths and affirmations. For instance, they can oversee the signing of affidavits, where individuals make sworn statements about certain facts.

Maintaining Official Records:

Notaries keep detailed records of all the documents they notarize. These records can be important in legal matters or if there are ever any questions about the authenticity of a document.

Certifying Copies:

Notaries can also certify copies of certain documents as true copies of the original. This service is often needed for legal or official purposes.

Apostille and Legalization:

Notaries may be involved in the process of Apostille Authentication, certifying documents for international use. They might also assist in the legalization of documents for use in countries that are not part of the Apostille Convention.


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Why are Notaries and Notarizations necessary?

Notarization is necessary for establishing authenticity in documents, avoiding fraud, protecting personal rights, and preventing legal issues down the road. A notary is a public offer responsible for inspecting, approving documents, and helping individuals get their documents and transactions straight. Our team of public notaries provides professional notarization services, helping you with your documents and providing you with peace of mind.


Wonderful experience throughout the process. Devon & Nori were personable, professional and knowledgeable. They both explained the process throughly. I highly recommend their service.

Lisa G

My friend had her will and advance directive notarized with two witnesses today. The whole thing was easy, from the appointment setup to the location to the actual event. Reasonable price too. Diwan was professional and friendly. My friend is very happy.

laura (moineau)

They were just great in helping me to notarizing my will and trust. Pulled together witness to help me to accomplish this within 30 minutes. Thanks so much. I didn’t have an appointment.

Pa Bell

I contacted Apostille Authenticarion to arrange an apostilled document for use in the European Union. They provided excellent mobile service and answered all of my questions quickly. They were communicative throughout the process and I was satisfied with the result. I would use Pac Signing in the future myself and would recommend them to others.

erik edwards

Very pleased with this mobile service! So easy & convenient! Can get paperwork notarized after hours! 🙌 Our notary.. Mustafa Diwan is helpful pleasant & very down to earth! We really appreciate him!! We will always use him in the future! He is an excellent asset to the company!!! Thanks A lot, Heidi Johnson

Heidi Johnson

They made it really easy to get everything I needed to apply for my nursing license in a different state. I was able to get my fingerprints, notary and have it mailed in one stop! Very fast, and professional! Will definitely recommend and use their services again.

Colleen G

At Apostille Authentication, Notaries can notarize various documents, including: Legal contracts, Real estate documents (deeds, mortgages), Wills and trusts, Powers of attorney, Affidavits, Vehicle titles, School transcripts, Immigration documents, Loan documents, Oaths and affirmations and more. However, notarization requirements may vary by location.

Anyone who requires a document to be legally authenticated or certified can benefit from notarization services. This includes individuals, businesses, and organizations for various purposes, such as legal agreements, real estate transactions, financial matters, and more.

Notary services play a vital role in ensuring the authenticity of documents. They help prevent fraud by verifying the identity of signers and confirming their willingness to sign the document. Notarized documents are often required for legal and financial transactions, providing a level of trust and credibility.

For a notary appointment, you typically need to bring:

  • The document to be notarized.
  • A valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport.
  • Any additional signatories or witnesses required by the document.

It's advisable to call ahead and confirm any specific requirements with the notary to ensure a smooth process.

To notarize a document, follow these steps:

  1. Locate a licensed notary public in your area.
  2. Schedule an appointment or visit during their business hours.
  3. Present the document and valid ID to the notary.
  4. Sign the document in the presence of the notary, who will verify your identity.
  5. The notary will complete the notarial certificate, affix their seal or stamp, and sign the document.
  6. Pay the notary fee, if applicable.
  7. Receive the notarized document, which is now legally authenticated.

Remote notarization allows you to notarize your documents through online platforms. Our certified notaries use secure video conferencing tools to verify your identity and witness the signing of documents. Remote notarization is legally binding in many jurisdictions, including, but it's essential to check local regulations for specific requirements.

Yes, our notary services extend to international documents. However, the process may vary based on the country and its notarial requirements. Contact us with details about the document, and we'll guide you through the necessary steps to ensure proper notarization for international use.

We prioritize the security of your personal information. Our notaries follow strict protocols, including the use of encrypted communication channels during remote notarization. Additionally, we adhere to data protection laws, implementing measures to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the confidentiality of your sensitive information.

Yes, our notaries stay up-to-date with the latest changes in notarial laws and regulations. Continuous education and training are integral parts of our commitment to providing accurate and compliant notary services. You can trust that our team is well-versed in the legal requirements relevant to your documents.

When meeting with our notary, it's crucial to bring a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport. Additionally, if the document requires witnesses, ensure they are present during the appointment. Contact us beforehand to confirm any specific document-related requirements and make the notarization process more efficient.

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