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Divorce Decree

Getting an Apostille on Your Divorce Decree

Going through a divorce is difficult enough without having to deal with getting documents authenticated afterwards. However, if you need to use your divorce decree internationally, you’ll likely need an apostille to prove its authenticity. 

What is an Apostille Divorce Certificate?

The divorce decree and divorce certificate are two separate documents, but both can be apostilled if needed internationally. The divorce decree is the court judgment that finalizes your divorce. The divorce certificate is an official vital records document that shows proof you are now divorced. 

If you need both documents to establish your divorce abroad, get an apostille for the divorce decree from the Apostille Authentication. Having both documents apostilled provides extra legitimacy.

Why Do You Need an Apostille on a Divorce Decree?

There are a few common reasons you may need an apostille on your divorce decree:

Without an apostille, your divorce decree may not be accepted as valid proof of your divorce in other countries. The apostille certifies that the divorce is real and was properly issued in accordance with the law.

How to Get an Apostille for Your Divorce Decree

  • Obtain certified copies of your divorce decree from the court clerk. You’ll need an original certified copy for each apostille.
  • Complete an apostille request form for authentication. Apostille Authentication provides printable apostille request forms online.
  • Submit the request form(s), certified copy of your decree. This is usually the Apostille authentication will do all of your process.
  • We will verify your decree is valid and attach an apostille document to the back of each certified copy. 
  • Check that the apostille matches the information on your decree like names, dates, and court. Make sure every page is present.
  • Your divorce decree is now ready to use internationally! Make copies so you don’t risk losing the original apostilled copy.

How Long is an Apostille Valid For?

Apostilles do not expire. The authentication is valid indefinitely as long as the divorce decree remains valid too. Some countries may require the apostille to have been issued within a certain time frame though, like within 3-6 months. Check the specific requirements for the country where you need to use the divorce decree. 

Get Help from the Experts

The apostille process can seem complicated, but the experts at apostilleauthentication.com are here to help. We offer guaranteed authentic apostille services and can handle your divorce decree, divorce certificate, or any other documents you need to use internationally. Let us walk you through the process and ensure your documents are properly authenticated. Contact us today to get started!