Apostille Transcript


An apostille transcript is a transcript from a school, university or other educational institution that has been certified with an apostille seal. This allows the transcript to be legally recognized in other countries that are members of the Hague Convention. Getting an apostille placed on a transcript makes it valid for purposes such as proving your education credentials for employment, higher education or professional licensing in other countries.

Why Get an Apostille for a Transcript?

In some cases, an apostille transcript is required by law to prove your educational background obtained in another country. Other times, it is simply requested or preferred as it provides an extra layer of certification and authenticity.

Having an apostille affixed to your transcript from Apostille Authentication ensures it will be considered a valid legal document and your credentials will be recognized without problems in all member countries.

Apostille Transcript vs. Official Transcript

Official Transcript: 

This is a transcript issued directly by the school with the institutional seal and registrar’s signature. It is considered valid documentation of your credentials.

Apostille Transcript: 

The official transcript that also has an apostille certificate attached by the proper authority. This allows it to be legally verified internationally.

An official transcript is adequate for use within the country of issue. But an apostille transcript can be used both domestically and internationally as formal legal proof of education. The apostille gives it the extra layer of authentication needed for cross-border recognition.

Benefits of Using Our Apostille Transcript Services

Your transcript can be processed and ready in as little as one business day.

We handle everything on your behalf including contacting vital records, verifying the transcript, and affixing the apostille seal.

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