Apostille Marriage Certificate

What is a Marriage Certificate?

A marriage certificate is an official document that serves as legal proof of a marriage between two people. It is issued by an authorized government official after the couple completes their marriage ceremony. The people named on the certificate are then legally recognized as married.

A marriage certificate contains the following information:

  • Full legal names of the married couple
  • Date of the marriage 
  • Location of the marriage ceremony (city, county, state)
  • Name and title of the officiant who performed the ceremony
  • Signatures of the couple and officiant 

Why Do You Need a Marriage Certificate?

What is an Apostille For Marriage Certificate?

Once you receive your certified marriage certificates, you may need to get an apostille seal attached by the Apostille Authentication. An apostille is a special authentication stamp that verifies the origin of a public document like a marriage certificate. It essentially certifies the authenticity of the signature, seal, and position of the official who issued the document.

Why Get an Apostille for Your Marriage Certificate?

An apostille certifies your marriage for international use. Many foreign governments will not accept a U.S. public document without this legal certification. 

An apostille provides the extra layer of validation required when submitting marriage certificates to update social security, immigration, or tax records.

Conduct business internationally Banks, foreign courts, and other institutions may require an apostille to prove a legal name change or transfer of assets between spouses.

Does my marriage certificate require an apostille seal to be valid?

No, a marriage certificate is valid on its own without an apostille seal. The apostille just certifies the origin of the document for international and bureaucratic use.

Is an apostille seal required when traveling internationally?

It’s not required but strongly recommended. Many foreign governments will not accept U.S. public documents without an apostille.

Understanding marriage certificates and apostille requirements can seem daunting. But this guide covers the key steps and information needed to properly document your marriage and get certified copies accepted for legal purposes. Contact apostilleauthentication.com anytime if you need assistance obtaining a marriage certificate or getting one apostilled!