Apostille FBI Background Check

Apostille fbi background check:

An FBI background check is a detailed report of an individual’s criminal history and other relevant information compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It provides a comprehensive overview of any criminal records, arrests, convictions, and other interactions an individual has had with law enforcement. 

An FBI background check is more thorough than a standard background check, as it searches national databases rather than just state or local records. This allows employers, agencies, and others to make fully informed decisions about a person’s suitability for a job, license, adoption, visa, or other purpose.

To use an FBI background check internationally, it must be authenticated through a process called apostille. Apostille certifies the origin and integrity of the document so it can be legally recognized outside of the country it was issued in.

What is an FBI Background Check?

An FBI background check, also known as an FBI Identification Record or a criminal history record check, contains information gathered from fingerprint submissions to the FBI national database.

When an individual submits fingerprints, either electronically or via ink cards, their information is run through the FBI’s databases to search for any criminal history tied to those fingerprints. This includes arrests, convictions and offender status.

The FBI background check report will contain identifying information about the individual including full legal name, date and place of birth, race, height, weight, hair color, and eye color. 

FBI background checks are more comprehensive than database searches based solely on an individual’s personal information like name, birthdate or social security number.

Why Get an Apostille for an FBI Background Check?

An apostille certifies the authenticity of the FBI background check so it can be used internationally. 

Adopting a child abroad:  Many countries require US parents to provide an apostille FBI background check as part of the adoption process.

Work visas:  Individuals relocating abroad for work often need to present an apostille FBI background check to obtain their visa.

Residency applications: Foreign residency programs or citizenship applications may ask for an apostille FBI background check to meet eligibility requirements. 

Professional licensing: If you want to use your U.S. qualifications to apply for licensure overseas, you’ll need an apostille FBI background check from Apostille Authentication.

Foreign travel screening: Some visa waiver countries screen foreign travelers by requesting an apostille FBI background check before entry.

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